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Arrow ECS Oracle Group

Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions is a business segment of Arrow Electronics Inc. a $5.8B Fortune 200 company. Arrow ECS provides comprehensive channel management services to help suppliers (such as Oracle Corporation) effectively manage their channels, and to help resellers develop new markets, with the goal of helping them grow faster than the market and faster than their competition.

Development of Oracle- and open source-based archive/repository solution stacks and methodologies to enable and drive value-add selling. Solution launch execution to resellers, demand generation, collateral generation, reseller training, and customer consulting. Specific focus is around the Scalable Online Archive & Repository (SOAR) solution.
Gail is a very talented, organized product marketing person with a clear understanding of the solutions she is marketing. She is able to collect information in many different formats and from many sources and create easy to understand solution presentations and papers. These deliverables make the value [of the solution] very clear to non-technical as well as hold the interest of the technical audience.
Donna Harland, Archive Solutions, Oracle Corporation (Arrow ECS is an Oracle supplier partner). March 2010