Protecting the world's digital heritage for future generations

Architecture Assessment Services

Architecting and implementing the infrastructure for a digital repository for long-term preservation and stewardship of your digital assets requires knowledge and experience over and above that found in a traditional IT department. Besides storing the data bits and the content of the digital object, you need to include descriptive and structural metadata and information in anticipation of its potential re-use, access and dissemination far into the future. And, since storage media for digital information have short lives and are susceptible to deterioration, ‘bit-rot’ and obsolescence as newer technologies come along, this needs to be planned for. You need technologies and practices that allow you to securely take your digital assets through changes in format and storage technologies, with data persistence and integrity assurances that enable future users to both access and establish authenticity of these data.

Our services include:

  • Technical guidance for your DAM/repository infrastructure
  • Audit of current storage, server, software technologies
  • Planning and recommendations for
    • capacity and scale-out
    • long-term backup
    • policy-based migration
    • data recovery and disaster tolerance

Our assessments encompass your requirements for performance, capacity, access, disaster recovery, persistence, and redundancy. Let us act as your storage subject matter expert for architectural design, technology selection and implementation:

  • We have a strong understanding of multi-vendor storage solutions and environments.
  • Ability to articulate strengths and weaknesses, scaling, high availability, capacity, and performance needs.
  • Experience designing multi-tiered storage solutions including backup, business continuity, capacity planning, archiving, and hierarchical storage.
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver solutions from concept to delivery.
  • Plus, the documents we provide you may also be used to prepare your requirements document for IT, a request for proposal (RFP), or as input to your data management plan for grant funding.

Whether it’s a small proof of concept or pilot project, or a massive-scale full deployment, we will work with you in order to ensure you have the right technologies and procedures in place that will allow for your digital assets to be preserved and accessible for the long-term. Assessment DataSheet

Contact us! We'd like to help you navigate through the technology implementation details of your next digital repository

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