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SOAR at-a-glance

Scalable Online Archive and Repository (SOAR) is a trademark of Truman Technolog
  • Combines industry standard server and storage hardware and software technology and leading open source DAM and repository applications
  • SOAR-Cloud Edition, a software-and-services-only offering offered on a secure, geo-redundant private cloud
  • Pre-tested, integrated and delivered by Truman Technologies and partners
  • Preservation of scanned books, medical images, video, photos, research data, office documents, web content and more
  • (Drupal) Web-based front end combined with powerful management of linked data objects and metadata
  • High availability & data protection
  • Integrity checks, reporting, secure BagIt transfer of data
  • Open standards based
  • storage architecture and infrastructure assessments consulting available

Digital repositories are so celebrated for their benefits (increased searchability, access, and preservation!) that it can be difficult to focus on the barriers to entry that many libraries and organizations face: a lack of on-premise resources– such as dedicated servers and IT staff– as well as the substantial cost of a digital initiative. So where do you put your data when you can’t house it yourself and don’t have a huge budget?
Stick it in the cloud!!
Don’t really know how to get started? Truman Technologies, LLC. totally has your back. We’re experts in traditional IT data center storage, digital repositories, and the cloud. We’ll manage your project for you by outlining the technology implementation details so you can just confidently check them off. Take the credit, we don’t mind.
But what do we actually do? Well, we assembled SOAR, the Scalable Online Archive Repository. It’s a solution for clients who don’t have the resources to house repositories on-site or to retain in-house IT support. SOAR includes training, consulting services, and ongoing 24x7 support.
But why should you hire us, when there are other cloud-based digital repositories?
Putting your data in the cloud is risky because you are allowing a third party to manage access to your files. What if the CEO of your service provider leaves his job to pursue an acting career, and the entire business folds in his absence? What if hacktivists target data that just happens to be stored next to yours, and your files are swept up in the attack? What if your service provider fails to create effective boundaries between your data and another client’s, giving the shape-shifting Reptilian shadow government access to your files? With SOAR, you can mitigate these risks to your data’s security.
Stick it in the secure, supported, and private cloud!!
With the SOAR suite, your data exists in the Islandora digital repository system, and is hosted and managed in a secure, geographically-dispersed private cloud environment. Not only does SOAR Cloud Edition not require you to have your own equipment or archiving platform, not only does it offer rapid anytime-anywhere access at a compelling cost, but it also includes customizable, enterprise-class SLAs (Service Level Agreements). These bad boys ensure that your data security, system performance, and availability needs for your business are met. You can even contractually spell out requirements for service providers to report potential and actual security breaches, or specify the location and ownership of stored data.

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-- Scalable Online Archive and Repository (SOAR) is a trademark of Truman Technologies, LLC

SOAR is ideal for organizations that are data intensive and have scanned or ‘born digital’ assets needing a centralized repository. SOAR is similarly ideal for departmental teams, corporations or communities. Examples of SOAR use case are shown in this table.