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Avoid Painful Migrations

Avoid Painful Migrations Image

As the online archive scales, customers enjoying the SOAR Cloud Edition can seamlessly grow their storage footprint. For onsite offerings, we can architect a solution that includes policy based data migration across storage tiers using the Oracle's Storage Archive Manager (SAM) software. Or simply add more disk storage - the choice is yours.

Format transitions are enabled by Islandora DAM/repository software that includes Fedora (or Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture), an open source storage repository and preservation platform that was originally funded by grants from NSF and DARPA. As content formats change, Fedora provides support for migrating files to new formats, optionally keeping the previous versions for security. To help manage formats, Fedora is not limited to MIME types but can use format identifiers from any format registry or scheme at any desired precision.

With an eye to the future, Islandora DAM enables plugging in viewers and emulators so that obsolete formats can be accessed even if the original software is no longer available.The software applications are included and configured inside the SOAR bundles from Truman Technologies.